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Chile has become a favorite travel destination for nature lovers and adventurists, offering the most diverse landscape and wonders. Chile is a long yet narrow country situated on the west coast of South America, where travelers find fantastic sandy beaches, temperate forests, volcanoes, and incredible mountain sights in the Andes. The vast landscape of Chile is replete with some of the most admired national parks and conservation areas in South America. These parks and reserves host multiple fun activities like climbing, rafting, mountain biking, and horse riding. 

Besides adventure and fun offerings, Chile is rich in cultural attractions too. From the capital city of Santiago to the southern beach, you will find several museums, art galleries, stunning Easter Island with its famous stone figures, and hundreds of picturesque historical sites. To ensure you visit the most beautiful places in this lovely South American country, we have listed the top 10 destinations to visit in Chile.

Torres Del Pine National Park

Located 100 kilometers north of Puerto Natales, Torres Del Pine National Park is filled with beautiful mountains, glaciers, lakes, and fast-flowing rivers. Cordillera del Paine is an essential region of the Park, a beautiful transition between Patagonia steppe and subpolar forests of the northern region. Hiking on well-marked trails like the ‘W’ or ‘O’ hiking circuit, guided tours in Patagonia, visiting Grey Lake, kayaking up to glaciers, facing Salto Waterfall’s strong winds, fishing trout, and horse riding are some engaging activities you may plan while at the Park.    

Valle de la Luna and Atacama Desert

“Valley of the Moon” is situated 13 kilometers west of San Pedro de Atacama and accessible via bike trails, guided tours, or a personal vehicle. The terrain may look rugged initially, but as you drive deep, you will find a resemblance to the surface of the moon – dry lake beds, dazzling white salt deposits, and caverns. Do not miss visiting the Laguna Cejat sinkhole, which is famous for its turquoise water. 

Easter Island & Rapa Nui National Park 

On reaching the Island on Easter Sunday, the Dutch explorer named it after the day in the 18th century. Though it is 3,500 kilometers away from mainland Chile, the stone sculptures make it a fascinating tourist destination. These 887 statues, Moai created by Rapa Nui people, have been included in the UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site list. Fifteen structures at Ahu Tongariki have been re-erected, and the site has become the most impressive spot on Easter Island. Anakena Beach, hare paenga ruins, and Father Sabastian Englert Anthropological Museum in Hunga Roa are some great places to see.  

Chile’s Cultural Capital – Santiago

Santiago is Chile’s capital city and hub of culture and entertainment. You can plan to visit the best museums and art galleries to get in touch with history, go shopping, enjoy dining, and experience great hotel options when in the capital city. Being centrally located, most travelers begin exploring here, and missing the beauty and attractions of Santiago would be a missed opportunity. Visiting Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Pree-Columbian Art, Museum of Memory and Human Rights, and taking a tram to San Cristobal Hill will be the best things to do here.    

Valle Nevado

Chile is one of South America’s favorite ski spots, with Valle Nevado (Snow Valley) as the most popular ski area in El Plomo, Andes. Established in 1988, at an elevation of 3,0000 meters, having 37 trails and 11 lifts, Valle Nevado is skiable for over 100 days each year. You can enjoy skiing with your family as a novice or test yourself as a professional skier. Three hotels, several restaurants, a snow school, and a ski shop on site make Valle Nevado the best ski resort in the country.    

The Chilean Lake District

The beautiful Chilean Lake District stretches over 330 kilometers between Temuco and Puerto Montt. The region is naturally adorned by beautiful lakes, snow-capped volcanic peaks, rich farmlands, and attractive red-roofed houses at the lake shorelines. Lake District offers an assortment of Swiss, Austrian, and German cultures, brought by the immigrants from these countries centuries ago, most clearly visible in the architecture of Osorno and Valdivia towns. Adventure seekers can plan hiking, biking, volcano climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and coastal road drive.       

El Tatio

Witnessing hot shooting springs is a treat, and El Tatio, Chile, is the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere, with more than 60 hot water geysers. Sitting at an altitude of 4,300 meters, climbing these stratovolcanoes and geysers will not be easy.    

Cochamo Valley

Named after the Cochamo River in the Los Lagos region, Cochamo Valley is known as the ‘Yosemite of Chile’ due to its delightful sceneries, waterfalls, unique landscapes, and multiple fun opportunities. The valley is most loved by the hikers and climbers who avail all chances to accomplish rock climbing the 1,000-meter-plus granite walls. Tackling the famous 10-kilometer’ cowboy trail’ is a much-opted adventure activity for those who wish to challenge themselves.  

Cueva Del Milodon

A short distance from Puerto Natales in Patagonia, Milodon Cave Natural Monument is a fascinating wonder. These caves set in the formidable rock formations (Silla del Diablo) bring you to the sites where well-preserved remains of Milodon were discovered in 1895. Milodon cave is the most famous one, which is 200 meters deep, and climbing the top will present spectacular views of Eberhard fjord. You can also explore other hiking trails and raised sections for fun.

Lauca National Park

Covering an area of more than 1,300 square kilometers, Lauca National Park is located 140 kilometers east of Arica. Highlights of the Park include high plains, beautiful mountain ranges, volcanoes, many lakes, scenic hiking trails, archeological sites, and evidence of earlier settlements like old colonies and churches. Bird-watchers love witnessing Andean geese, crested ducks, Chilean flamingos, and Andean condors, among 140 species.  

The list of must-see places never ends here, and some great places to be added to your travel destinations are mentioned below:

  •     Cape Horn
  •     Valparaiso
  •     Osorno Volcano  
  •     Pumalin Park
  •     Los Pinguinos Natural Monument
  •     Ventisquero Colgante Falls
  •     Piedra de La Iglesia
  •     Isla Magdalena
  •     Laguna San Rafael
  •     The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works 

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