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Australia is best known for its native wildlife, which is an attraction for everyone around the globe. There are numerous zoos, parks, safaris, and sanctuaries that are perfect for visitors who wish to learn about Aussie wildlife. Families with kids and little explorers can have the best time here. But how can we find the best places to play with our favorite animals? Begin with our list of top wildlife parks in Australia.

Taronga Zoo

Located along the north harbor of Sydney, Taronga Zoo is home to more than 5000 animals from 350 species. This zoo opens its gates for you to visit some of the unique animals, including tree kangaroos, koalas, meerkats, Asian elephants, regent honeyeaters, and many more. This zoo offers many exciting programs, including “keepers for a day,” which allow you to take care of one wild animal for a whole day. The tickets range from $45.90 to $35.10 according to age group. You can avail a 20% discount on family tickets.

Philip Island Nature Park

Only an hour away from Melbourne, Philips Island Natures Park is one of the most progressive parks in Australia. They have segmented islands for each group of animals, i.e., Koala Conservation Reserves for koalas and Churchill Islands for all the farm animals and beautiful birds. Penguin Parade, Arctic Journey, and Seal Cruise are their most attractive promotions. Koala Conservation is a place for hugging baby koalas and feeding them. Tickets for each island are available starting from $27 with a 20% saving offer of buying four island passes.

Australia Zoo

Known for its crocodile hunters, Australia zoo is a home to wildlife adventurers. It is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane. This zoo is home to up to 1200 animals, including koalas, rhinos, and porcupines. They allow you to interact with the animals in their natural habitat. One of their unique programs is “Adopt an animal,” which invites you to take complete responsibility for an animal by paying for its care and bearing all expenses.

Cairns Aquarium

In the northeast of Queensland, there is a barrier of coral reefs protected by the Cairns Aquarium. This is a unique place that offers you programs, including meals at the time you opted for. Here you can greet animals living at each level of water, including red claw crayfish, keel black snakes, Johnston’s crocodile, rabbit fish, mud crabs, leopard shark, coral trout, and many more. Tickets range from $18 for 30 minutes to $164 for 8 hours.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Kangaroo Sanctuary is a rehab home for several kangaroos. It is located in the heart of Australia, Alice Springs. This place is exclusively for kangaroo preservation and care based upon 188 acres of area. The sanctuary offers tours for people of all ages but make sure to make a booking in advance. During this leisure walk of 15 km, you can enjoy interacting with kangaroos and even cuddle a baby kangaroo. Tickets for sanctuary range from $85 for adults and $65 for youngsters.



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